More than thirty years ago, MACNA started with an innovative way to produce waterproof gloves in order to offer a better price to motorcyclists. 

This was the beginning of a story full of innovations that make the lives of motorcyclists easier and increase the enjoyment of a ride by adding more comfort, raising active & passive safety, and offering a better look.

After years without any significant innovations to improve the lives of motorcyclists, we decided to do something about it. During this process, we at MACNA took it upon ourselves to shake up the established order of the motorcycle clothing market.


To make life more enjoyable for motorcyclists.

Good times ahead! 

Being riders ourselves, we understand that life's about one thing only: having great rides. That is why we see it as our mission to support fellow riders by making the best possible riding gear. Thanks to our R&D and Design departments, this is reflected in all details of our products. Comfort, safety, visibility and looks are key. 

We wish everyone to experience the benefits of our differentiators, so we believe our products should be accessible to every (future) rider. That is why we focus on an excellent price-quality ratio.


To challenge the motorcycle clothing market to take innovation to the next level, by leading through example. 

That's what we call riding gear!

Because we believe it is not only our job to support fellow riders in having great rides, we see it as our task to challenge the motorcycle clothing market to pursue this same goal.  


Everything we do is fuelled by the desire to increase riding pleasure and to make the lives of riders more enjoyable. To achieve this goal, we focus on the following aspects. 


When you are riding, you don't want anything to distract you as it can hamper your joy and safety. In all products we develop, comfort is at the top of our list because it is the basis of an enjoyable ride. Our R&D department has developed a whole range of innovations aimed at increasing comfort, with Easy Cuff™ at the top of the list.  


As Desiderius Erasmus – philosopher and fellow Dutchman – found out five hundred years ago; to prevent is better than to cure. We agree, and thus focus at least as much on preventive innovations – visibility enhancing fabrics like Night Eye™ for example – as we do on improving protection, such as our seamless Armax™ protectors.


As a rider-and-product focused company, we believe that rider and gear should be one. This is why we consider usability of utmost importance. To increase usability and thus riding pleasure, we’re always working on ways to solve the biggest and most common issues of riding gear.


We understand that how you look on the bike is at least as important as the protective capabilities of your gear. Through your clothing, you determine your style and express your personality. That is why we put a lot of effort in tuning the looks to different kinds of riders, so that everyone can express their own style on the bike and still feel confident about their own safety.


Because we believe all these benefits – and thus a joyful ride – should be accessible to everyone, we see our price-quality ratio as one of the most important aspects of our riding gear. With every product and solution we develop, the emphasis lies on making the best possible product available at the best possible price.


Always developing or wearing the same products is boring – and boring is the enemy of fun. That's why we focus on useful innovations that make riding more accessible, enjoyable and safe. Basically, we're always keeping an eye out for anything that could have a positive impact on your experience.


Now you know who we are and what we stand for. If you’re curious about the innovations we’ve developed throughout the years, pay a visit to our Tech Lab where they are explained and illustrated. 

Convinced we got your back? Start browsing the collection!