A leather garment offers the best possible abrasion resistance, hence leather is the most seen fabric in racing suits and sporty gear. Because these types of gear are used in mild and hot riding conditions, there's no waterproof membrane fitted inside. To maintain the leather's qualities, it needs to be greased on a regular basis, which also makes the leather fairly waterproof. Leather gear is the safest option in hot riding conditions.

Our leather jackets differentiate themselves from other brands through unique safety features, such as seamless Armax™ protection on the outside and in-house developed impact protectors on the inside. Your comfort is raised by a number of possible differentiators, ranging from a Hoodie Holder™ to prevent your hood from flapping around, to Air Burst™ that cools the body. Other innovations are the Belt Loop™ to prevent your jacket from creeping up and the Zip Grip™ that makes zipping up a lot easier - even with gloves on! Scroll on through to 'Technology' to discover the full list of differentiators in our leather jackets.