Browse our full collection of women's pants: from casual to sporty and anything in between. Each pair of pants is designed with a specific riding style in mind, but all pants are fitted with innovative features that improve your riding experience by increasing your safety, comfort, or visibility. In addition, our women's pants are designed for and tailored to the contoures of the female body to ensure a great fit and a high level of comfort.

Our women's pants differentiate themselves through unique safety features, such as our and in-house developed R.I.S.C.™ impact protectors on the inside and abrasion-resistant materials on the outside. Your comfort is raised by a number of possible differentiators, most notably Easy Cuff™: a zip system that prevents loose, floating layers inside your pants. Visibility-wise, you can enjoy innovations such as Night Eye™: discreet grey fabric covered with microscopic dishes that reflect light back to its source.

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