A waterproof Raintex membrane is fitted on the inside to keep your hands dry and minimise the effect the cold has on them. There are a couple membranes with different benefits, most notably Direct Laminate, which means the waterproof membrane is laminated directly against the outer shell, with the seams being taped on the inside. This keeps the gloves from soaking up water, and prevents it from getting soggy and heavy, and enables the gloves to dry much faster. The outer shell can be made of different fabrics such as textiles and/or leathers. Suitable for mild/rainy to hot conditions.

Our waterproof gloves differentiate themselves through unique safety features, such as seamless Armax™ protection. Other protectors at the palm, knuckles, and fingers can be made of a wide variety of materials that provide impact absorption and abrasion resistance, such as TPR, TPU, EVA, silicone, and temper foam. Your comfort is raised by in-house developed differentiators such as the Screen Cleaner™, Water Exhaust™, and Ergothumb™: an ergonomic construction of the thumb an index finger that prevents pressure points.

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