Mission Briefing


In order to keep improving the comfort of our products and thus of motorcyclists, our designers are constantly being challenged. At the start of 2022, they were tasked to dive deeper into ventilation and breathability.  

Back in the day, you needed to open up your main zip if you wanted to cool down. Luckily, those days are over as our gear has been fitted with ventilation zips, panels and outlets for many years now.

Sometimes, however, all these options combined still aren’t enough to get your temperature down to a pleasant level. Time to take the next step towards maximum ventilation and breathability.


Design Process

At first, we looked at the areas where ventilation panels are usually fitted; there were wind strikes most effectively. Adding them to other areas might raise breathability levels a bit, but it’s never going to be the Macnafication that’ll take your experience to the next level.

Bigger panels? Unfortunately – to paraphrase Johan Cruijff – every advantage has its disadvantage. A jacket consisting almost fully of single layer mesh fabric might be as comfy as your own bed, but that comfort goes right out the window when you get up close and personal with the tarmac.

Better panels? When expansion and enlargement aren’t the solution, quality needs to be raised. In our search for a more breathable yet abrasion-resistant fabric, we evolved the mesh fabric in our panels to reach not only the next level of ventilation, but another dimension all together.


Final Result

There’s a new kid on the block and he’s about the burst onto the scene, meet Air Burst:

Air Burst’s third dimension of mesh fabric creates a breathable layer between the body and outside of the shell, which enables a better intake of cool air that cools the body.

Air Burst consists of three dimensions of mesh fabric that slow you down gently and in one piece before your skin comes into contact with the tarmac.

Air Burst’s three dimensional panels provide more sturdiness, increased comfort and a higher quality look compared to traditional mesh fabric.


Now you know the benefits of Air Burst. Want to find out more about other comfort-enhancing differentiators? Return to Warm Riding Conditions and scroll down to continue your adventure.