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In order to keep improving the comfort of our products and thus of motorcyclists, our designers are constantly being challenged. Back in 2012, they were tasked to improve the functionality of ventilation zips.

Membranes; not only your best friend when it comes to waterproofness, but also your nemesis when it comes to ventilation. Having the ability to keep water out also means that wind will have a hard time finding its way through the membrane as well.


“Easy,” you might say, “Just take out the membrane when the temperature rises!”

That’s indeed possible if your membrane is detachable. But what if you can’t or don’t want to make the step to a more expensive jacket that does have this option? This could use some Macnafication.

Design Process

Pave the way for air to flow. Also, stop rider from getting wet. Loud and clear.

Our first idea was to enable the membrane to be raised so that air can flow through, similar to Venetian blinds. Having a rocker in your back and a membrane rolled up in your neck like a sleeping bag didn’t seem to be ideal though.


We realised we needed to leave the membrane be after it is fitted and thus, the Macnafication needed to be permanently present in the membrane itself. Construction criteria: air flow needs to be present horizontally and water needs to be kept out vertically.

One solution that works two ways. One construction that is capable of heeding both criteria whilst remaining flexible enough to toggle between them when needed – automatically, that is.

If only we could get roofing tiles to work like a DRS spoiler in an F1 car… 

Final Result

Have you got a jacket with a fixed membrane, but are you not satisfied with – or even bothered by – its breathability?

With Air Scoop you can open up that spoiler and leave your frustration behind! Actually, you don’t have to do anything:

Similar to roofing tiles, the membrane consists of numerous layers that cover each other partly. By Macnafying the construction, the benefits are permanent and no activation is needed.

The layers are flexible which allows them to separate themselves from underlying layers when air flow makes its way through, kind of like a dynamic spoiler that opens up.

The flexibility of the layers allows them to return to their original position as soon as they come in contact with vapor drops.  


Now you know the benefits of Air Scoop. Want to find out more about other comfort-enhancing differentiators? Return to Warm Riding Conditions and scroll down to continue your adventure.