Not everyone pictures the same conditions when we talk about summer and winter. For this reason, we prefer to talk about cold, mild/rainy and warm conditions.

When talking about warm riding conditions, we refer to circumstances of 25° Celsius or higher according to the metric system or 75° Fahrenheit or higher if you’re used to imperial.

Warm conditions make cooling down one of your main priorities. In this section you’ll find info about differentiators like Air Scoop™ and Summer Comfort System™ as well as complete products such as our different cooling vests.


SINCE 2006

Unexpectedly sunny weather is a welcome gift for every rider, unless you’re already out on the road in your non-mesh jacket. As the temperature rises, you’re about to get cooked in your own gear. Opening up your main zip a bit might help, but it’s not going to be the relief you need.

That’s where our Summer Comfort System™ comes in. This central part of the jacket is fully detachable and reveals panels of mesh fabric around the main zip. SCS turns your motorcycle jacket into a semi-mesh jacket with the flick of a wrist.


SINCE 2006

Waterproof membranes are great at blocking rainwater, but they can also hamper the ventilating capabilities of your garment. Jackets with a fixed waterproof membrane are known to get sweaty in hot riding conditions – which isn’t comfortable to say the least.

To combat this issue, we’ve further developed our Summer Comfort System™ into SCS Lite. This is a regular main zip like you’re used to, but with two options: fully closed or ventilated. SCS Lite reveals a mesh strip in the middle of the jacket that provides ventilation when needed, without compromising waterproofness when it’s raining.



By now, ventilation zips have become a relatively standard feature in motorcycle clothing – the same goes for panels. To keep differentiating ourselves from others, we’re always actively searching for the most ideal places to incorporate them into our garments.

Air zips & panels can be found at the chest, upper legs, and at the arms. Indeed: there where the wind strikes most effectively. In combination with chest panels to take in cold air, we also fit an air outlet at the back to enable hot air to make its way out. The outlet also prevents your jacket from inflating and turning you into a kind of Michelin Man.



SINCE 2016

Most cooling vests don’t cool enough or only for a short amount of time. The biggest downside: you are likely to get wet. Preventing a wet back by making your back wet; that’s no improvement. With our EVO DRY cooling vest, you can wave your hand goodbye to downsides all together!

Open up the back and pour in 600 ml of water, close the vest and roll it up to allow the water to disperse. Unroll and wear the vest. The cotton wool layer on the inside will retain the water, so it will be equally divided when you put it on. The vest is able to cool you down to 15 ºC below ambient temperature, and will cool for up to 72 hours.


SINCE 2012

We’ve also tried to find a permanent solution to the ventilation-hampering characteristics of waterproof membranes. A macnafication that doesn’t require any actions to activate, but rather turns itself on when needed.

Air Scoop™ refers to the construction of the membrane, which is similar to roofing tiles overlapping each other. The layers are flexible, which allows them to separate themselves from underlying layers when airflow makes its way through. The flexibility of the layers also allows them to return to their original position as soon as they come in contact with vapor drops.

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SINCE 2016

This cooling vest can be used in two different ways: by getting it wet or by use of cooling packs containing PCM material. Immerse the vest in water, gently squeeze out excess water, and you’re good to go! PCM cooling packs are activated by putting it in ice water, a freezer or a refrigerator.

The HYBRID cooling vest is designed to be worn in places where there is no extremely high ambient temperature, and it works best in low to medium humidity. It cools up to 15 °C in relation to the ambient temperature. Depending on the temperature, airflow, and humidity, it can cool up to a maximum of 8 hours.


SINCE 2016

Unlike traditional cooling packs which you use in your cool box; these are made of renewable bio-based Phase Change Material. The PCM cooling technology is non-toxic, fully biodegradable, 20% lighter than water and durable.

PCM can be activated by putting it in ice water, a freezer or a refrigerator. Depending on which variant you choose, the packs will start cooling when exposed to a certain ambient temperature. Once the PCM has reached its core temperature, it will stay at that temperature for several hours. This way you can still enjoy riding on a hot summer day, even when you’re standing at a traffic light.


SINCE 2016

Pockets and ventilation options; it seems you can never have enough of both. There’s only so much space in a jacket, though, so choices need to be made. Are we going to cool you down when it gets hot, or do we enable you to take more stuff with you?

An Air Pocket™ lets you choose between storing stuff or ventilating yourself. It is fitted with mesh fabric on the inside to provide cooling when needed. We advise not to combine both functions, as the wind is likely to pickpocket anything you’ll store in there.


SINCE 2022

Back in the day, you needed to open up your main zip if you wanted to cool down. Luckily, those days are over as our gear has been fitted with ventilation zips, panels and outlets for many years now. But sometimes, all those options still weren’t enough.

That’s why we evolved our mesh fabric to the next level, or actually another dimension all together. The third-dimension mesh fabric of Air Burst™ creates a breathable layer between the body and outside of the shell, which enables a better intake of cool air to cool the body. 3D mesh also slows you down gently and in one piece before your skin comes into contact with the road.

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Now you know the benefits of our differentiators in warm riding conditions. Want to find out more about other comfort-enhancing differentiators? Return to the Comfort page and scroll down to continue your adventure.