R.I.S.C. TPU protection is thermoplastic polyurethane incorporated in the outer shell. Protection made of TPU can vary in hardness but has a (semi) hard feel to it in most cases.

TPU is characterised by many properties, including elasticity, transparency and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion.

Other advantages are its injectability similar to TPR and its low-temperature flexibility. It is mostly seen in black as it is less easily to colour than TPR.


Knee + Slider

SINCE 2013 & 2017

First introduced in our MotoGP / WSBK suits, the knee protector has found its way into the consumer market through the Voltage suit. The dual density TPU material provides extra protection and abrasion resistance.

A mix between good ergonomics, abrasion resistance and feeling with the tarmac. The TPU knee slider feels at home at the track (or at a nice twisty back road without too much traffic... we won’t tell), and was developed with the feedback of the pros.


Now you know the benefits of protection made of TPU. Want to find out more about other forms of protection? Return to the Safety page and scroll down to continue your adventure.