About us


When you think about the Netherlands, what springs to mind? If you’re racing-minded, we’d guess you’d say Assen. But other than that? Windmills? Heineken? Amsterdam? Canals, cheese, tulips.... a few grams of legal cannabis? Maybe even the red light district?

Though the above may be true, the southern region near Eindhoven is where the magic really happens! That’s right, we’re talking about Veghel, where the Macna HQ is located.


Innovative, minimalist, experimental and quirky at times. Just the terms used to describe Dutch design esthetics. At the same time, youmight say the same about the design foundations of Macna.

At the R&D department, the design team is working like a well-oiled machine, creating new ways to improve your ride, blending fashion with technology.

Every technical or styling concept can be traced back to an idea. So it’s no surprise that the entire design department is riddled with sketches,3D prints, samples and fabric swatches.


If the concept is worth persuing, it will be digitally redrawn. But there’s more to it than that: the drawing of a jacket is actually a multi-page manual. It encloses all the materials, panels and parts that will be used, along with manufacturing instructions and much more. A blueprint, if you will.

Then follows the sample stage: the first time seeing a creation in the flesh! But many times, the first sample looks far from thefinal product you’ll see in the stores. It can have replacement parts, different colors, or different materials. But that’s okay, as the first sample is subject to cutting and resewing, fitting and testing, and being drawn upon.

All 3D parts are developed in-house, from buckles to knee sliders, from pullers to knuckle protectors and everything in between. After all, if it’s visible, it has the right to look good. Was obsession for details also a part of Dutch Design? Or is it just us? Oh well...