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Our youngest rider was born on 5th April 2005 in Murcia, Spain. Fermín started his career in the European Talent Cup in 2018. After two years of competing, he made the step to the FIM CEV Moto2 European Championship where he grabbed the crown in 2021.

In 2022, Fermín joined Speed Up Racing, the team he still rides for today. During his rookie season, the Spaniard grabbed two pole positions and a total of 80 points on his Boscoscuro bike.

2023 saw him do even better, starting with his maiden victory at Silverstone, and finishing the season with four wins in a row. The talented teenager secured P3 in the final rankings and is set on winning the Moto2 world title in 2024.

Moto 2



The Andalusian lion was born in Conil de la Frontera, a coastal town in the province of Cádiz, Spain. In 2012, Marcos grabbed his first pole in his first race in the Red Bull Rookies cup at fourteen years of age. He moved to the Moto3 Junior class in 2014 before joining the big guys a few years later.

Marcos’ best season was 2019 where he racked up a total of four podiums and a third place in the overall standings. After nine Moto2 races in 2023 and no top ten finish, Marcos moved to the American Racing Team where he racked up points regularly and even grabbed his first Moto2 podium.

Capitan Andalusia is riding with MACNA for the 9th season in a row and the most loyal MACNA rider currently active in MotoGP.

Moto 2



Born in the Dutch harbour-capital of Rotterdam on 4th March 1999, Bo joined us in 2020 after two years in Moto3 and just as many years in Moto2. Whilst riding for NTS in Moto2 that year, his best result was an 8th place finish in Valencia.

In 2021 he joined the Pertamina Mandalika SAG Team, for which he’s still riding today. His first year was decent but especially 2022 deserves mention as Bo managed to score points in every weekend except Qatar, Germany, and Thailand. Bo secured his first Moto2 podium finish in America at the start of 2023 and is set on increasing that number in 2024.

Moto 2



The talented Belgian rider was born in Namur, near Charleroi, on 3rd May 2004. He was named after MotoGP legend Barry Sheene and also rides with the same number in the same style. He competed in his first race at the age of nine, and competed in the European Talent Cup and Red Bull Rookies Cup before testing his skills in MotoGP.

After only one year in Moto3, Baltus joined RW Racing GP in Moto2. Barry has been riding for the Dutch team ever since and will do so in 2024 for the fourth year in a row. This season will be Barry’s first with MACNA as his wingman.

Moto 3



Born at the start of 2004 in Monselice, Italy, Matteo spent the majority of his career racing in the CIV Italian series. A few seasons he spent in the Spanish CEV before competing in the Red Bull Rookies cup for three years.

In 2022, Matteo made his debut in Moto3. Due to an injury incurred during a crash at the Sachsenring and the surgery that was needed, it became a shortened season. After moving to the Rivacold Snipers team in 2023, Matteo continued his development and noted his first top 10 finishes. 2024 will be all about securing that first podium finish for the talented rider.

Moto 3



Our youngest rider was born on 2nd September 2005 in Chertsey, England. Whatley started his career in the British Talent Cup in 2018, followed by the European Talent Cup in 2018 and 2019.

In 2019, Joshua started competing in the FIM CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship. He would remain in this competition for three years before eventually moving to grand prix racing in Moto3.

After a rookie season without points in 2022, Joshua scored his first points in 2023, and is set on improving in 2024. This season will be Josh’s first with MACNA as his wingman.

moto e

Andrea Mantovani


On 30th September 1994, Andrea Mantovani was born in Ferrara, Italy. He made his debut in the Italian mini-moto championship in 2007. In years after, he competed in the Aprilia Junior GP Trophy, Italian 125cc, Superstock 600, and Supersport competitions.

In 2016, Mantovani participated in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, but returned to Italy to race in the Superbike series for several years. 2021 saw Andrea make his debut in MotoE where he will be competing for the fourth year in a row in 2024. His best season to date was 2023 with three podiums, two of which were victories.




The most experienced rider in our stables was born in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, on 5th July 1986. Pirro started his career on 125cc bikes in 2003 and became champion a year later. When he competed in Superstock and Supersport, he became national champion in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

2010 and 2011 saw Michele participate in the Moto2 championship, where he secured a pole position and two podiums, one of which was a victory. After only two years of competing in Moto2, the Italian made the step to MotoGP.

Of his thirteen years in MotoGP, Michele spent most of his time on a Ducati, primarily testing and developing. He has 68 races under his belt and scored a total of 234 world championship points. Pirro can also be found at the Italian Superbike series, and he has several Wildcards to participate in other events.


  • 2019    1st place Italian Superbike Championship
  • 2018    1st place Italian Superbike Championship
  • 2017    1st place Italian Superbike Championship
  • 2015    1st place Italian Superbike Championship
  • 2009    1st place Italian Supersport Championship
  • 2008    1st place Italian Superstock Championship
  • 2007    1st place Italian Superstock Championship
  • 2004    1st place 125cc European Championship




Bernardi was born in San Marino on 29th August 2001. He started his career at age five in the mini-moto competition and participated in several national championships, including MiniGP and Pre-Moto3. In 2016 at age fourteen, Luca took part in the Italian Moto3.

2017 saw him race in the Italian Supersport 300 class, which he concluded as champion, just like the Yamaha R3 Cup in that same year. He competed in different competitions in the years after, with becoming champion of the Supersport 600 class in 2020 as next major achievement. In 2024, Luca will take part in the Italian Superbike championship.


  • 2020    1st place Italian Supersport 600 Championship
  • 2017    1st place Italian Supersport 300 Championship
  • 2017    1st place Yamaha R3 Cup




10th August 1987, Lorenzo Demetrio Zanetti is born in Brescia, Italy. He became vice-champion of the Honda RS125 GP Trophy in 2003 and secured the title a year later. After a number of years riding 125cc bikes, Lorenzo moved to the big boys in 2010. 

The experienced rider has competed in several championships, securing a top three finish in multiple seasons, and a second-place finish in 2017. His best season was without a doubt 2023, as the Italian secured his first ever national title at age 36.

In 2024, Lorenzo will continue racing on a Ducati, though he has made the step abroad towards IDM; the German Superbike series.


  • 2023    1st place Italian Superbike Championship




Vlad Neaga was born in Hunedoara, Romania on 30th July 1999 and is one of the most successful Romanian racers. He celebrated his first championship at age 15 and won a staggering number of championships in the years after, mostly in Supermoto.  

Vlad has also participated in international stages of the Balkan Supermoto and Speed Motorcycle Championships, being nominated in 2014, 2015, 2019 and 2020 Motorcycle Athlete of the Year in Romania. 2020 was his most successful season, as he won all three championships he competed in: MotoRC, Supermoto and Superbike.


  • 2023    1st place Romanian MotoRC Championship
  • 2022    1st place Romanian MotoRC Championship
  • 2020    1st place Romanian Supermoto Championship
  • 2020    1st place Romanian Superbike Championship
  • 2020    1st place Romanian MotoRC Championship
  • 2019    2nd place Romanian Supersport Championship
  • 2018    1st place East European Speed Championship
  • 2018    1st place Romanian Speed Championship
  • 2018    1st place Romanian Supermoto Championship
  • 2017    1st place Romanian Supermoto Championship
  • 2016    3rd place Romanian Supermoto Championship
  • 2015    1st place Romanian Supermoto Championship
  • 2014    1st place Romanian Supermoto Championship




Timothy Joseph Alberto, also known as TJ, was born in the Philippines and started racing at the ripe age of four years old. At age 7, TJ competed in the National Junior Motocross championship of the Philippines and in 2012 he secured his first title.

The years after saw TJ compete in several competitions, such as the CIV Italian Superbike championship, the World Superbike Superstock 1000 championship and the Asia Road Racing championship. He is currently Philippine Superbike champion, a title he has claimed for the third consecutive time in 2023.


  • 2023    1st place Philippine Superbike Championship
  • 2022    1st place Philippine Superbike Championship
  • 2021    1st place Philippine Superbike Championship
  • 2012    1st place Philippine Junior MX Championship




Guilherme ‘Gui’ Brito was born in 2002 and became champion of the R3 Cup in 2019. A year later, Brito secured the Copa Pro Honda CBR 650R championship. He currently rides a CBR 1000RR-R Fireblade for Honda Racing Brasil in the Brazilian SBK championship.


  • 2023    2nd place Brazilian Superbike Pro Championship
  • 2022    3rd place Brazilian Superbike Pro Championship
  • 2021    2nd place Brazilian Superbike Pro Championship
  • 2020    1st place Brazilian Superbike CBR 650R
  • 2019    1st place Brazilian R3 Cup
  • 2017    2nd place Brazilian R3 Cup
  • 2016    2nd place Brazilian Superbike CBR 500




Alongside Gui, we find João Carneiro, who came into this world in 2004. João racked up his first crown in 2018 when he grabbed the CBR 500R championship. 2021 was his next big year as he secured the title of Copa Pro Honda CBR 650R champion. Carneiro successfully defended his title in 2022 before making the step to 1000cc motorcycles.


  • 2023    4th place Brazilian Superbike Pro Championship
  • 2022    1st place Brazilian Superbike CBR 650R
  • 2021    1st place Brazilian Superbike CBR 650R
  • 2018    1st place Brazilian Superbike CBR 500