With 20 years of experience and numerous in-house developed technologies, we are your wingman in the cold. Our e-heated ecosystem includes several garments that enable you to heat any and every body part you want.

The unique Dual Power technology lets you switch between a 7,4V and 12V power supply whenever you like. There are three ways to power your garments; a battery in the glove or jacket, or a direct connection to your motorcycle.

Batteries feature our Power Expansion System, which divides the cells of a battery in an ergonomic way to prevent bulk at the wrists. Bluetooth® technology is present in our ecosystem, enabling you to connect all garments to the MACNA Heated app and control them with one hand.

Our e-heated ecosystem provides full freedom when it comes to combining different garments and a suitable power supply to brave the cold.


Imagine a drag race between a 700 cc and 1200 cc motorcycle; who do you think would win?

Aha! You already know more about heated gear than you think. Compared to a 7,4V power supply, a 12V power supply will heat up faster and reaches higher temperatures. Dual Power technology enables choice between a 7,4V or 12V power supply without making that choice permanent, as is the case with traditional heated gear.

Both voltages can be acquired in the form of a chargeable batteries with different amperes. Want 12V power and an endless power supply? Hook you gear up to your bike through cables!


Powervein wiring was created 20 years ago and further developed over the past two decades. Most notable improvement is the quality of the wiring, which greatly increases overall durability and effective heat release.


Power Expansion System lets us split a larger battery into two or three smaller ones that are connected to each other. These linked batteries can be placed in the cuff of your heated glove and are divided around the wrist. This raises ergonomics by preventing bulk at the wrists that is normally caused by conventional batteries. That’s what we call a flexible e-heated ecosystem!




The MACNA Heated App lets you take full control over your e-heated gear. Connect your gear to your phone via Bluetooth® and you’ll never have to search for tucked away power buttons every again. Full control over your gear means you’re always able to adjust the heating levels to your liking. You can select one of four heating levels – 40, 60, 80 or 100% – each indicated in their own colour. Different pieces of gear can be grouped in the app, which lets you change the settings or heating levels of all your gear simultaneously. Do you know the exact time of your commute? Or do you want to save at least half of your battery life for the road home? Set timers for each piece of gear to make them switch off automatically. The MACNA Heated App is free to download in the App Store and Play Store.

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power controller

Control button present in all our heated gear that indicates heat level and enables comfort management by selecting one of four intensities – varying from 40% to 100% and each indicated in their own colour.


A connection that is easy to use and fully waterproof. The Easy Connect Plug can resist vibrations, yet is also smooth enough to unplug instead of tear when you forget to unplug before getting off your motorcycle. That’s what we call a flexible e-heated ecosystem!



EPG allows you to run power cables trough the inside of your jacket, offering you full movement and no bulk at the wrists. EPG prepared jackets feature loops to easily guide the power cable through the sleeves. With many battery options to choose from, there’s a solution for everybody.


Electrically heated jacket on the inside of your motorcycle jacket. Power this heated inner jacket through a battery or a direct connection to your motorcycle. Can also be connected to our other e-heated gear.


HRS is a very thin film on the inside of our Centre jacket and pants, which reflects heat that would otherwise be lost. This makes the garment more efficient as the need for energy is reduced.


Now you know the benefits of our differentiators in cold riding conditions. Want to find out more about other comfort-enhancing differentiators? Return to the Comfort page and scroll down to continue your adventure.