In order to keep improving the comfort of our products and thus of motorcyclists, our designers are constantly being challenged. At the start of 2021, they were tasked to take another look at breathability of protectors.

Protectors are often sturdy covers that protect very well, but lack a five-star rating in other areas. Being hard, impact-absorbent and abrasion-resistant is likely to make a protector score low when it comes to breathability and flexibility.

Strange thing is; your body often catches more than enough wind, so breathability doesn’t have to be an issue. How are we going to flex a hard cover, though? This could use some macnafication.


Hard and flexible will never be best friends, so we’ll have to compromise when it comes to choice of materials. It needs to be solid enough to absorb impacts, tough enough to resist abrasion, and flexible enough to raise comfort. 

Most importantly; it has to have an air intake and outlet of sorts to enable the desired breathability. Ideally, the new protector will be as breathable and flexible as our popular R.I.S.C. impact protectors on the inside of our garments.

You shouldn’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t translate something that works, into another variant or garment. What if we macnafied the impact protectors and slapped these beauties on critical areas such as elbows, shoulders, and hands? 


SAFE: Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) is flexible yet robust, making it – in combination with the hexagonal structure – capable of absorbing and distributing impact forces to keep you safe. 

COMFORTABLE: The flexibility of TPR enables the protection to move in accordance with the body. So comfortable, you might forget you’re wearing protective gear.

LIGHTWEIGHT: The hexagonal structure requires less material to be constructed compared to traditional protectors, making EXO R.I.S.C. extremely lightweight. 

BREATHABLE: Just like our R.I.S.C. shoulder, elbow and knee protectors, the hexagonal shapes are hollow in the centre to provide more breathability than traditional protection. 

GOOD-LOOKING: Developed from our R.I.S.C. shoulder, elbow and knee protectors; this protection features the same hexagonal structure that keeps coming back in all things MACNA.


The first area to be reinforced with EXO R.I.S.C. protection is the back of the hand, more specifically: the knuckles. 

Due to the position of the protection and the natural habit of hot air to rise, EXO R.I.S.C. provides next level ventilation compared to gloves with traditional protection.

Being made of Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), EXO R.I.S.C. enables increased freedom of movement for the hand, which results in higher comfort. 


Secondly, we developed EXO R.I.S.C. for the elbow area. To prevent the elbow from becoming too bulky, this version is thinner compared to the knuckle variant.

By fitting EXO R.I.S.C. on the outside of the elbow, additional abrasion resistance is provided in the event of a crash or a comparable incident. 

Due to the structure of both interior protector and EXO R.I.S.C. protection, ventilation is maintained, and comfort levels are raised.


Now you know the benefits of EXO R.I.S.C. protection. Want to find out more about other forms of protection? Return to the Safety page and scroll down to continue your adventure.