A good fit is crucial for you enjoyment at the handlebars, so a comfortable construction is key when it comes to your gear. Sticking a thumb onto a four-fingered glove might be the easiest way to go, but traditional constructions are often not the most ergonomic ones.

Aside from ergonomic solutions like Ergothumb™ and Ergopink™, you’ll find info about constructions that provide other benefits in this section, such as multi-purpose use of Twin Shell™.


SINCE 2007

Years ago, we pushed layered jackets with loops and snaps to the background thanks to our Easy Cuff™ solution. If you think even zips are not providing the level of comfort you’re looking for, there’s the evolved construction of a 3-layer jacket, Twin Shell™ means the jacket consists of two abrasion-resistant jackets.

This is a directly laminated waterproof outer shell, and a breathable mesh jacket within. The mesh jacket can be worn separately or underneath the outer shell after attaching by zip. Twin Shell™ is the evolution of the 3-layer construction, providing optimal waterproofness, breathability, and a much better fit compared to a 3-layer jacket without its layers.


SINCE 2007

Ride long enough and eventually anything in an ‘unnatural’ position will start to hurt. In this case, we’re not referring to you, but to your gear. Traditional gloves simply aren’t designed to grab the handlebar and maintain that position, sometimes for hours on end.

Ergothumb™ is an ergonomic construction that prevents wrinkling, pressure points, and pain, due to the thumb and index finger being made of one and the same panel of fabric. This creates a preformed glove that’s in its ‘natural’ position when you are riding.


SINCE 2019

This ergonomic solution was developed after the success of our Ergothumb™ construction. Now that the hands of our riders were comfortable on the inside of the handlebar, we shifted our attention to the outside – to the little finger (i.e. pinkie) to be exact.

Ergopink™ refers to our ergonomic solution at the outside of the hand. By repositioning the seams on the outside of the pinkie finger, we’ve managed to prevent pressure points and increase your comfort at the handlebar even further.


Now you know the benefits of our special constructions. Want to find out more about other comfort-enhancing differentiators? Return to the Comfort or main Tech Lab page to continue your adventure.