Your level of safety is largely determined by the construction and materials that are used in your gear. By analysing the gear of our MotoGP and WSBK riders after they’ve hit the tarmac, we aim to continuously improve both factors.

When it comes to constructions, impact areas and delicate body parts are always given extra attention. Take hand palms and little fingers for example.

When you fall, you’re likely to catch yourself by extending your hands in front of you; palms first towards the tarmac. Land on your little finger and you’re even further from home.

That’s were thicker leather, double layers and specs such as the Finger Bridge come in. Similar solutions are fitted in other areas of different garments to take your safety to the next level.  


Double Leather

Prepare for trouble! And make it double! Sometimes a single layer won’t do the trick, that’s why we double up on leather for extra abrasion resistance on critical places like the side and palm of your hand.



SINCE 2016

During a crash, the little finger is an exposed part of your hand, it is at risk of catching on to something as you slide. The little finger protection is a fixed leather connection between your pinky and ring finger, giving it extra strength and protection.


The most vulnerable digit on your hand. The little finger, or pinky finger if you will, is a notorious topic when it comes to developing a racing glove. It’s easily injured, and if you land on it at a wrong angle, it’s prone to dislocate. Operating on it is tricky and recovery can be a big long pain in the butt.
So when it comes to the pinky finger, you gotta be careful.

Now you probably think: “What’s the big deal? Just wrap that bad boy in 5 layers of leather and add some carbon fiber plates on top of it”, and you’re right - you’d have a virtually indestructable glove.

But nobody will wear it. Above all, racers want feedback and ease of motion. If the glove and fingers are too heavily reinforced, they lack moveability. It’s the eternal balance between safety and flexibility.

Now you can have both. In several years of working together with world championship riders, we’ve innovated and maximized tearing- and abrasion resistance - with solutions you won’t find at competing brands - without sacrificing any moveability and feedback. Nobody can guarantee
a 100% safety rate, but we’re pretty sure we’ve got the safest pinky finger on the paddock now.


Now you know the benefits of our protective constructions. Want to find out more about other forms of protection? Return to the Safety page and scroll down to continue your adventure.