Easy Cuff

mission briefing

In order to keep improving the comfort of our products and thus of motorcyclists, our designers are constantly being challenged. Back in 2009, they were tasked to find an alternative to those !#&^$% loops and snaps in legs of pants and sleeves of jackets.

That’s a little trip down memory lane for us, because at MACNA HQ we’ve become so used to Easy Cuff , that we’ve come to take it for granted without even realising it. Time to take a dive back into the future and give Easy Cuff the shine it deserves. 

Loops and snaps that are supposed to neatly connect the separate layers of a jacket or pants. Right, we all know how well that works; it doesn’t. Chances of your watch or foot getting stuck are ten times higher than of you actually putting on the garment without issues. This could use some Macnafication. 

Let’s see; no more loose layers, no painful parts, easy access and a good look whilst we’re at it. Roger that.

First we tried stapling the membrane to the outer layer. The loose layers were solved, but waterproofness also went out the window. Not to mention the amount of staples and time you’d need on a yearly basis when placing or removing layers… 

Velcrow? Possibly, though that would make the cuff thicker and more sturdy than needed.
Magnets? Could be an option, though that would make the cuff heavier and less comfy.  

We needed a connection that was strong yet light and supple, like the fingers of two lovers’ hands intertwining. A connection that runs as smooth as zipping traffic on a sunny day. And that’s when it struck us.

Final Result

Next time someone’s complaining about the loops and snaps in their non-MACNA jacket, you know what to do: tell them to zip it!

In case they ask “Why?”, here’s your script:


The removable membrane is attached to the outer shell on the inside of the sleeve opening, making access as easy as possible.


As the membrane is fixed at the farthest possible point, the jacket or pants is waterproof all the way to the rim of the leg or sleeve.


The absence of loops, snaps, buttons, magnets, staples and what not allows you to move in all directions without incurring painful prints on your skin.


A reversed zip with a very small runner, hidden on the inside. Very good looking yet invisible.

Easy cuff

Now you know the benefits of Easy Cuff. Want to find out more about other usability-related differentiators? Return to Usability and scroll down to continue your adventure.