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Cooling vest Evo


Descripción del producto

Cooling vests have been around for a while and have proven themselves during the hot summer days! They not only provide extra comfort, but also reduce the risk of heat stress, fatigue and loss of concentration. The Cooling Vest Dry Evo from Macna is no exception!

How does it work?
The vest is activated by filling it with 600 ml (tap) water. Then you put on the vest (preferably in combination with a blow-through jacket, this ensures a maximum cooling effect) and then enjoy the much-needed cooling during hot summer days!

The technology makes it possible!

The available water evaporates in a regulated manner through the application of a patented technology. Unlike conventional vests that use similar cooling techniques, this vest remains dry on both the inside and outside. And the service life is many times greater thanks to the efficient regulation of the evaporation process! Fully filled, it has the capacity to cool for one to three days, depending on the ambient temperature in which you are driving.

In addition to the high service life, it also has a high lifespan. The vest is washable and even after many washes, the vest provides cooling without getting wet!


The vest must be hung after use so that the moisture can be drained. After the vest is completely dry, the vest can be stored.

Core Rayon.

Other specs
Ventilation holes.
Macna Ziplock closure.
The vest is activated by filling it with 600ml (tap) water.

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