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Cooling vest Evo


Product description

Chances are likely you like to ride when the sun’s out and the weather is at its best. Minor downside of our big friend in the sky, though, is that he burns even fiercer when you’re stationary at a traffic light, for example.

If riding a powerful machine on a hot day isn’t enough to tire you out, being cooked in your own gear might do the trick. Aside from increased fatigue and a loss of concentration, overheating is a serious matter that is best to be prevented.  

Luckily, there are plenty of options to keep your body temperature in check en prevent dangerous situations. Many of these options, however, do not cool you enough or only for a short amount of time.

When it comes to cooling vests, there’s an even bigger downside: you are likely to get wet. Preventing a wet back by making your back wet; that’s no improvement. With our EVO cooling vest, you can wave your hand goodbye to downsides all together!  

Our EVO cooling vest lets you cool yourself for up to 72 hours with only 600 ml of water without getting wet yourself – if you do it right.

1.    Open up the back and pour in 600 ml of water.

2.    Close the vest and roll it up to allow the water to disperse.

3.    Unroll and wear the vest. The cotton wool layer on the inside will retain the water, so it will be equally divided when you put it on.

It really is that easy to use. Before you buy, here’s some more info that might come in handy – if not essential.

⦁    The vest is able to cool you down to 15 ºC below ambient temperature.

⦁    The cooling effect is based on the principle of natural evaporation. The result is therefore dependent on local humidity and airflow.

⦁    The vest is antibacterial and washable by machine, which doesn’t affect the waterproofness and cooling effect over time.

[!] Store the vest when it is completely dry, otherwise it might walk out on its own at some point.

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