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Product description

An electrically heated base layer vest, developed for riders in cold conditions.

The Cloud is for riders who think a heated jacket is a bit too much and are only looking to heat their core. This jacket is also suited to be worn as stand-alone garment during outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking.

Dual Power technology lets you choose between a 7,4- or 12-Volt power supply. Power can be supplied by a battery in the pocket or a direct connection to the battery of your motorcycle. There are 4 heating levels, each indicated in their own colour by the Power Controller. The controller at the chest also tells you how much power you have left, and lets you change the level by pressing it.

Alternatively, you can operate this vest – and other garments – in the MACNA Heated app. The app enables you to manage all your heated garments with just one hand instead of unzipping and reaching for hidden buttons. Download it for free in the known stores, connect your vest by Bluetooth® and fully manage your e-heated ecosystem on your phone.

It is fitted with a battery pocket and waist pockets. Batteries and other garments are easily connected through the Easy Connect Plugs.

The Centre is what we call e-heated riding gear!
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