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Knee Slider

Due to good ergonomics and the right balance between abrasion resistance and feeling with the tarmac, this TPU knee slider is perfectly suitable for track use.


Foam Knuckle Protection

Special temper foam as used in other CE armor, such as knee and elbow protectors, give this part perfect impact absorption values. The knuckle shape and stealth construction underneath the outer shell give it a subtle classic look.


Finger Protection

The height of the knuckle protectors on the fingers make your gloves slide without your knuckles touching the ground. The open bridge construction keeps material to a minimum and protects the optional ventilation opening.


TPR Protection

TPR rubber parts are injected directly to the fabric. These thick rubber parts on the knuckles bring in extra protection, yet are flexible enough to remain comfortable.


R.I.S.C. Knuckle protection

A hard shell will spread the force of impact Because of the air cushion the impact will not directly hit your knuckles but will be spread over the whole knuckle part. The hard plastic also works as a sliding pad, reducing friction with the road.


Shoulder Protection

External hard shell protectors placed at the impact sensitive part of the shoulder. They add a substantial amount of safety by covering the shoulder seam, but these injection moulded parts also reduce friction with the road and spread the force of the impact during an accident.



A high performance textile with a very high abrasion resistance. The special print gives it an abrasion resistance, exceeding the values of leathers. Because water is not absorbed it remains lightweight at all times. It makes this fabric highly suitable for reinforcements on all-weather textile products.