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Still feeling cold in spite of thermo liners and special base layers? Mounting the battery powered Hot Vest at the specially prepared position in the liner of your jacket will provide heat at the most effective places. The rechargeable battery pack can be placed in a pocket in the liner. One fully charged battery will […]



OutDry is the innovative Italian technology for waterproof gloves where the standard manufacturing techniques based on seam-sealed waterproof fabrics cannot be utilized. Thanks to the OutDry patented lamination process, the waterproof/breathable membrane is directly bonded to the external layer of the glove, perfectly sealing any possible water entry point. OutDry consistently improves finished items performance […]


Water Exhaust

Hardly noticeable but essential. The in first appearance hardly noticeable little hole has more to it then you would think. When the gloves get wet, water will remain between the outer shell and the membrane inside. By giving the water a chance to get out, your gloves will not turn into bags full of water.