Macna Riding Gear Co. is a global motorcycle apparel company, dedicated to their goal to deliver the ultimate riding experience, for riders to enjoy worldwide. We provide unique products in a broad range of high-tech motorcycle clothing to bring your riding to the next level.

Actually, no. Scrap that. We’re not into that kind of clichés. We’re really just a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts with one thing in common: we like to think outside the box. And with box, we mean car.

Because rumour has it that our designers don’t even have office chairs – they supposedly do their work from the seat of their bikes. Let’s just say that’s not far from the truth. Functionality, usability and safety have always been our primary concerns when developing our products. That’s also the philosophy behind our slogan: That’s what we call riding gear!

How it all started? About 25 years ago, we were fiddling around with gloves and found a new (and more cost effective) production method for waterproofing them. These gloves were a success. We were onto something! Soon after,  we launched our first jacket. It looked nothing like the Macna jackets you know today, but even then it already had that excellent price / quality ratio going on.  We never stepped away from that approach.

Since then, we’ve had our fair share of innovations: the Sandwich System, Vision vest, Summer Comfort System, Twin Shell, and Night Eye, just to name a few. And as our brand grows globally, we will continue to do so!